Be Good to Yourself

Our Program

Be Good To Yourself Weight Management is a comprehensive and scientific program that focuses on whole body wellness as you shed those unwanted kilos. We provide you with the tools, education and support you need to successfully shape your body without dramatically changing your lifestyle!

Be Good To Yourself offers a comprehensive product range to support your weight loss plus fitness and motivational advice to help you to achieve and maintain your goal body weight for life. No matter how much weight you would like to lose, or if you simply need to maintain your current body size – you can trust Be Good To Yourself to help you shape your body and shape your life.

The Be Good To Yourself program caters to your individual needs by offering a combination of professional consultations with expert Amcal Pharmacy Wellness Coaches who are available in many of our pharmacies. Or you can choose to purchase your products over the counter if this works best for you.  Either way, you will receive great advice and professional support from your pharmacy.

The Be Good To Yourself Weight Management Program is successful because it addresses three key areas:

  • Meal planning – with a combination of delicious protein dominant, very low calorie formulated products and balanced healthy eating principles.
  • Exercise – that is gentle and effective to shape your body.
  • Motivation – goal-setting and educational support to ensure you stay on track.

Why Be Good To Yourself Weight Management works

The perfect Weight Management Program offers:

  • Scientific validation based on credible research and fact.
  • Value for money; programs that are too expensive can be inaccessible for many people.
  • Minimal impact on your lifestyle; convenience is important for busy people.
  • Nutritional balance for healthy weight loss and a healthy body and mind.
  • No nasty ingredients that could damage your health.
  • Real and fresh foods! Only a diverse eating plan provides all the nutrients required for health, variety and balance.
  • Food and drink choices and flexibility because we all have our own individual taste preferences.
  • The ability to eat out and eat meals with family and friends. Our social lives are important for balance!
  • Satisfaction and fullness so you don’t feel hungry all the time.
  • No laborious calorie-counting or tallying.
  • Flexibility because rigid programs do not fit easily into your lifestyle.
  • Tasty products with plenty of choices.
  • Education, so that you can make informed choices for the rest of your life.
  • Motivation, so that you can stick to your goals and reap the benefits.
  • Support, so that you can get the help you need from professionals.